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Janine Elizabeth - LLB/LP

Australian Legal Practitioner

Janine is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Australian immigration specialist that enables her to provide a high level of immigration Read more

Lukasz Wyszynski - LLB/LP

Australian Legal Practitioner

Lukasz is an Australian Legal Practitioner, who has over a decade of experience in International Trade Law, Australian Immigration Law and Global Investor Visa Law. Read more

Best Australian Immigration
Legal Experts

FBP International is Australian-owned and operated with an unparalleled network of local links and connections throughout the country and proud affiliation with the Australian Government authorities. Our experienced team has an excellent understanding of Australian migration; the dynamics of immigration processes; marketing and sales, qualifications, requirements, and eligibility; documentation and lodgments, and the various other complexities of the migration consultancy business.

Being Australian owned and operated with 50+ years of relationship with Australia and 30+ years of cumulative experience in Australian Immigration, we have a global reputation of making the world connect to Australia and make Australian Immigration much easier, faster, quicker, reliable, and dependable.
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“Our Home is your Home. Migrate to Australia with us!”

Migrate to Australia

Move to Australia and experience a safe, welcoming, and family-friendly lifestyle, with excellent career progression opportunities, education, and work-life balance… Read more

Qualifications Australia

Qualifications Australia is dedicated to helping you bridge your professional and educational gap and secure a successful future. We’ve helped thousands of… Read more

Settlement Services

Our post-landing services are designed to provide you the peace of mind you so need when you first land in a strange country. Small things  … Read more


Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country, with about 25 million inhabitants spread over a massive landmass of 3 million square miles. Home to beaches and deserts, kangaroos, the Outback, the Sydney Opera House, and the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground, the land Down Under offers its residents a charming mix of natural beauty and a cosmopolitan living environment. As one of the world’s most urbanized and multicultural… Read more

Skilled Visas

The General Skilled Migration – commonly referred to as GSM – visa for Australia is a permanent residence (PR) permit issued by the Australian authorities and the most popular among permanent visa migration forms. It allows the receiver to permanently stay in Australia to live, work, and study and acquire government services and Read more

Family Visas

The Australian society is primarily based on the institution of high family values and mutual respect. These visas provide opportunities to reunite with families or relatives in Australia who meet the requirements. Migrating to Australia should be stress-free and seamless. As experts in the various migration process to Australia… Read more
New South Wales boasts endless golden beaches, breathtaking natural treasures, and one of the world’s most famous and vibrant cities. Read more
South Australia is renowned for its booming wine culture, which dominates the landscapes that surround Adelaide. However, the State is also famous for its history. Read more
Western Australia lies in the southern hemisphere, covering an area of more than 2.5 million square kilometers – that’s about Western Europe’s size and one-third of Australia’s total landmass. Read more
Queensland is a place of pristine beaches, tropical islands, lush rainforests, vibrant cities, and the authentic Australian outback; Known as Australia’s Sunshine State, it offers an abundance of Read more

Business Visas

Australia is a land where opportunities are plentiful. The GDP of this robust continent has remained positive and undeterred despite various global financial crunches. Read more

Appeals & Reviews

FBP International specialises in handling circumstances where applicants are seeking an opportunity to lodge an appeal of an unfavourable decision as FBP Read more

Australian Citizenship

Australia confers citizenship to loyal, talented and good character migrants via various pathways. Some of them lead to citizenship via permanent residency first and others Read more

Other Visas

Move to Australia and experience a safe, welcoming, and family-friendly lifestyle, with excellent career progression opportunities, education, and work-life balance… Read more

The Difference

FBP International proudly stands today as the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian lawyers and advisors specialize in Australian Immigration Law.
Non-Registered Migration Agents
Unregistered Migration Agents do not follow any code of conduct, giving them the chance to illegally offer immigration assistance to clients in and outside of Australia. They can be mistaken as professional visa processors, for they give assurance that the visa will be approved provided that the client pays a certain amount without proper documentation.
Registered Migration Agents

Registered Migration Agents take the Capstone assessment provided by the Legal Training Australia (LTA) to test their Occupational Competency Standards. However, they are reliable agents who have minimal experience in handling complex visa concerns, thus REDUCES the chance of achieving success.

Australian Immigration Lawyers

Australian immigration lawyers follow an ethical and professional standard of law in Australia. These lawyers have in-depth knowledge and interpretation of the law and have extensive experience handling various complex visa cases; thus, they can provide comprehensive legal advice. They offer end-to-end immigration assistance and yield a GREATER chance of success.

An adventure seeker’s mecca, the Northern Territory offers wide-open stretches of the rich red outback, clear waterholes, ancient Aboriginal culture, and charming tropical towns. Read more
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was established in 1911 to create a capital for the newly federated country of Australia. Canberra, the urban centre of the ACT Read more
As the home of “Four Seasons in one day,” a move to Victoria won’t disappoint. Known as “Australia’s Sporting Capital,” this State is home to the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open, and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Read more
Twelve thousand years ago, the sea level rose as the most recent global glaciation period eased. The landmass, now known as Tasmania, was cut off, Read more

Our Affiliations

FBP International is proud to say that it’s the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian Lawyers and Advisors. 

FBP International has more than 2000+ satisfied clients who are now happily Settled in Australia. FBP has made the organization a “go-to” brand when it comes to migrating to Australia … Read more

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