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100% Jobs Assured in Australia – Information for our Clients from Dubai, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates and India who would be interested in Migrating with Secured Jobs in Australia.



100% Jobs Assured in Australia

Australia is looking for all types of professionals, both skilled and unskilled.

Professionals like but not limited to IT Professional, Engineers, Managers both junior and senior, Cooks & Chefs, Accountants, Administrators,  Construction Managers, Tradies, Hairdressers, Salon Managers, HR Professionals, Financial Professionals, Banking Professionals, Management Consultants, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professions, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Website Designers and Developers, Advertising Experts, Cabin Crew, Architects, Motor Mechanics, Building Technicians, Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Painters, Joiners, General Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Event Organisers, Customer Service Managers, Manufacture, Supply and Distribution Managers, IT Managers, Cafe and Restaurant Managers, Hotel and Motel Managers, Airplane Pilot, Records Manager, Medical Technicians, Air-condition and Refrigeration Mechanics, Pastry Cook, Bakers, Business Machine Mechanic, Dressmaker or Tailor, Residential Care Officer, Property Manager and many more…..

An employee’s base rate of pay for ordinary hours worked is defined as a minimum wage. It is generally dependent on the industry and the type of work you normally do and also that applies to their employment. Australia has the best minimum wage act in the world. The minimum wages paid in Australia are an approximate of A$20 per hour.

Below is the list of Potential min Weekly Earning for the following occupations:

  • Engineers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$2055.90
  • Construction Managers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$2321.70
  • Chefs – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$973.90
  • Pastrycooks – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$943.70
  • IT Manager – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$2710.40
  • Graphic Designers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1243.20
  • Cabin Crew – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$878.20
  • Aeroplane Pilots – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$3253.50
  • Accountants – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1434.40
  • Hotel & Motel Managers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1286.50
  • Cafe & Restaurant Managers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1120.00
  • Website Developer – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1355.50
  • Air-condition and Refrigeration Mechanics – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$960.60
  • Motor Mechanics – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1238.00
  • Customer Service Managers – Potential min Weekly Earning:  A$1858.10

Thees are just a few listings for your reference. If your occupation is not on the list then please free to contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information. This information above was collected by the ABS 6306.0 Employee Earnings and Hours (EEH) 

Moving to Australia and settling there isn’t a straightforward process by just putting in a visa application. The process is complex and is best only handled by Australian Registered Migration Agents or Australian Immigration Lawyers.

FBP handholds their migration clients especially from Dubai Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates and India, throughout its Permanent Residency Visa programs and process. Migrants from Dubai Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates and India who apply their Migration to Australia through FBP International, also provide end to end Australian Settlement services like but not limited to, home stay, long-term and short term accommodations, orientation of Australia and its lifestyles, with 100% Job Assurance in Australia. FBP through its Australian partners also helps businessmen and investors in acquiring or taking over qualifying businesses either self-managed and/or co-managed businesses with lucrative returns and providing and helping them get an Australian Citizenship.

Migrants from Dubai Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates and India who are Interested in migrating and settling in Australia and/or doing Business or Investing in Australia with assured good return of investments, please fill up our Enquire Now on https://bit.ly/2KoLIpD or email on [email protected] or call us on +971507513997,  +971 502047869(UAE)