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FBP International takes pride in being the only Australian immigration agent that delivers turnkey immigration services to Australia from the UAE and Malaysia. Our comprehensive and transparent process starts with a FREE pre assessment migration consultation and takes your case step-by-step until your visa is granted. Unlike other agents located in our proximity, we are the only ones who are exclusive partners of BMS Australia.


    Established in 2014, FBP International offers turnkey Australian Migration Settlement Services to clients across the globe. FBP International is an authorized exclusive partner of Best Migration Services Australia – (BMS Australia). FBP processes client cases and documentation with the expert advise of BMS Australia as and when required.

    BMS is an Australian based immigration consultancy firm that comprises of experienced MARA registered Agents and Australian lawyers who are well-versed in the art of handling complex on-shore and off-shore immigration issues and cases professionally.

    BMS is a company based out of Australia that has an experienced team of MARA registered agents and Australian Lawyers on board who specialize in all fortes of Australian immigration procedures. These registered MARA agents and Australian lawyer’s handhold FBP clients throughout their migration process for better chances of a favourable outcome. We also offer post-visa settlement services and will be able to abet you in finding accommodation and jobs. We make your migration to Australia from UAE and Malaysia completely hassle-free!

    ONLY an Australian Immigration Lawyer and/or an RMA is authorised to provide Australian immigration advice and assistance in connection with legal practice. FBP Australia offers a highly competitive pricing methodology to aid clients in achieving their aspiration to migrate and settle in Australia.

    FBP International, in collaboration with BMS Australia, has over 30 years of collective experience in Australian migration consultation with thousands of satisfied clients. Also, FBP International assists clients with complete documentation clearing and forwarding service that is a key component of any migration procedure. If you wish to migrate to Australia from the UAE, FBP International is your only true go-to turnkey solution provider

    We provide Australian migration and visa consultancy for the following:

    • General Skilled Visa
    • Partner (Spouse) Visa
    • Employment Sponsorship
    • Resident Return Visa
    • Citizenship
    • Business Migration
    • Graduate Visa – Temporary
    • Ministerial Intervention
    • Visitor Visa
    • Student Visa
    • Child Visa
    • Parent Visas

    FBP International has more than 1800+ happy clients who have been assisted by us for Australian Migration Settlement Services. FBP International witnesses an extensive amount of Positive Skills Outcome EOI, ITA and/or Visa Grant Letters for our clients every day. Seeing the happiness and delight on our clients' faces, reinforces our vision to help more individuals, families, and/or business investors to move, secure a better future and a premium lifestyle for them in Australia.


    • Complex Visa Pathways to Australia
    • Access to Various Legislations, Regulations, Policies and Forms
    • Excessive Knowledge in Case Laws
    • Specialise in Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) inclusive of Court Appeals and Representation
    • Ministerial Intervention (MI)
    • Certification of Documents
    • Exclusive in the UAE to provide In-House Statutory Declaration and Affidavits

    Have a Plan-B and give your family and yourself the security of safe home, good job and Australian, Vanuatu and European citizenship and passport.

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