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About Australia



Aboriginal people arrived in Australia about 50,000 years ago. It’s believed they traveled from Asia across land bridges that were exposed when sea levels were lower. The hardy Aborigines have learned to live in the harsh conditions of the outback.The Australian education system at a glance

Know how the Australian education system works!

The Commonwealth country’s education system is broken into three categories: primary (includes kindergarten), secondary, and higher education, with only primary and secondary being compulsory. After completing these stages of the school system, students can choose to pursue higher education at some of the country’s best schools and universities. 


By 2021, there are 37 top universities in the country, with 6 of these being in the top 100 institutions worldwide.

A Complete Guide About the Education System and International Schools

Education (both public and private schools) along with international schools in Australia are first-rate. The UN’s education index lists Australia as second globally, so you can undoubtedly expect your child to receive a high-quality education in this country. However, Australia can be an expensive country to study—especially for international students.

Schooling in Australia

Australia has some of the best schools and higher education options. It is one of the countries with the most international students in the world. So if you are an expat parent looking to enroll your children in the Australian education system, it would be best to get to know some things beforehand.

For starters, you will have to choose between public (sometimes known as “government schools”), private, or even international schools for your kids. The cost of this schooling will depend on which type you choose.
If your child has completed compulsory education (primary and secondary), and if you are interested in having them pursue higher education, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag. In 2018, this average was 30,840 AUD (20,926 USD) for an undergraduate degree and 31,596 AUD (21,444 USD) for a postgraduate.

Education Facts in Australia

The school year in Australia starts in either late January or early February. It ends in mid-December.
 The majority of schools have three or four semesters. Each term lasts 9–11 weeks, with two weeks of vacation between each semester.
School hours are usually from 9:00 to 15:30.
English is the official language of instruction.
What is the School Systems Like?
Grading System in Australia
Grade Scale Scale 2 Grade Description
HD 7.00 83.00–100.00 High Distinction
D 6.00–6.99 73.00–82.99 Distinction
C 5.00–5.99 63.00–72.99 Credit
P 4.00–4.99 50.00–62.99 Pass
N 0.00–3.99 0.00–49.99 Fail
School Age Systems in Australia
Your child’s age and the corresponding school year will vary slightly depending on where you live in Australia. In general, this is what you will find throughout the country:
Grade Level Age
Kindergarten 3-5
Prep/pre-primary 5-6
Primary School
Grade/Year Level Age
Grade 1 6-7
Grade 2 7-8
Grade 3 8-9
Grade 4 9-10
Grade 5 10-11
Grade 6 11-12
Secondary School
Grade/Year Level Age
Grade 7 12-13
Grade 8 13-14
Grade 9 14-15
Grade 10 15-16
Grade 11 16-17
Grade 12 17-18

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