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Businesses & Investment

Feel what it’s like to be part of a collective of doers and creators.
The Territory welcomes investment from those with the ambition and drives to make it happen. The Territory welcome means access to decision-makers and feeling connected and valued in ways you can’t anywhere else.
An ambitious growth agenda means the government doesn’t just want to hear about your project; it wants to work with you to make it happen.
In the Territory, thinking big is nothing new. It’s what we do.
The Territory is home to renowned major projects and natural resources. There are boundless new opportunities ripe for those who are curious, ambitious, and forward-thinking.
The Territory economy has increased over the past 15 years on the back of significant projects.
As projects, such as the US$34 billion Ichthys Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, have moved from construction to operational phase, the Territory’s exports have increased exponentially.
The Territory Government has set an ambitious target to double economic growth to 5% by realizing several significant projects in the pipeline, sustainable economic development, and attracting new private sector investment.

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