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New South Wales

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New South Wales

New South Wales boasts endless golden beaches, breathtaking natural treasures, and one of the world’s most famous and vibrant cities.

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New South Wales


Before Captain James Cook arrived in 1770, New South Wales was inhabited by Indigenous Australians for at least 40,000 years...
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Key facts about NSW Nearly a third of all Australians live in New South Wales (NSW), with most residing in Sydney. NSW is Australia’s largest state economy...
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The Sydney Morning Herald reported in a recent news item that migrants have kept coming into NSW in the last five years. While ‘Sydneysiders’ ...
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The New South Wales (NSW) school system is Australia’s most extensive educational system. There are more than 200 primary schools and secondary..
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Job Opportunities

New South Wales is the largest employing state in Australia. Most jobs are in Sydney, which accounts for around 70% of the State’s employment...
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Business & Investment

New South Wales — a profitable location for your business hub in the Asia Pacific There’s a myriad of reasons to invest in New South Wales...
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Hospitality and Tourism

START IMAGINING YOUR NSW JOURNEY! Travel Inspiration There’s always a new NSW adventure...
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Resources and Infrastructure

New South Wales is a significant producer of gold, copper, zinc, silver, and lead. Coal contributes significantly to the State’s economy and is composed primarily of carbon...
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