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Welcome to Queensland
“Wunya” and “sew ngapa”
Wunya (welcome, greetings) is from Brisbane’s Yuggera language and the Gubbi Gubbi language of the Sunshine Coast. Sew ngapa (welcome) is from the Kala Lagaw Ya and Kala Kawaw Ya languages of the Western Torres Straits.

Queensland is a place of pristine beaches, tropical islands, lush rainforests, vibrant cities, and the authentic Australian outback; Known as Australia’s Sunshine State, it offers an abundance of diverse experiences to create lasting memories. This has led to Queensland’s “outdoor” culture, which has shaped the locals’ habits, events, and lifestyles. This province of northeastern Australia has been a self-governing state since 1859 when separated from the colony of New South Wales.



Before Captain Cook mapped the coastline of Queensland in 1770, indigenous people lived along the coast and in rural areas for more than 40,000 years...
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Climate: The state of Queensland is extensive, so it’s no surprise that it experiences a massive difference in climates and temperature ranges...
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Cost Of Living: Life in Queensland does offer you a quintessential Australian lifestyle – great job opportunities and a relaxed working day combined...
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Queensland boasts high-quality education and childcare, with detailed information available for you to make an...
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Job Opportunities

With such a large state and diverse range of employment sectors, Queensland has something for all skills & specialties...
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Business & Investment

Queensland offers a range of business advantages, including a stable economy, supportive government, and a solid growth forecast...
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Hospitality & Tourism

The hospitality industry consists of a unique blend of businesses, including restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, cafes, and accommodation...
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Resources & Infrastructure

The state has a diversity of significant mineral resources. As elsewhere in Australia, gold mining dominated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries...
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