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    Queensland is Australia’s second largest state. It occupies approximately 23% of the continent in the north-east and shares boundaries with New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Queensland spans 1,727,000sq. kilometres. It is seven times the size of Great Britain and the amount of geographical variation within the state definitely reflects that multiple countries could fit within its borders!

    • Queensland’s tip is the northernmost point of Australia, the Cape York Peninsula, which is the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia.
    • Queensland coastline spans more than 7400km, 2000km of which boasts parts of The Great Barrier Reef – the largest living thing on earth and is even visible from outer space.
    • Queensland is home to the world largest sand island. The World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

    Queensland is famous for its pristine beaches and tropical islands. Over 200 national parks cover more than 6.5 hectares across the state, plus there are lush mountainous rainforests, bushlands and creeks and flat table lands perfect for farming. Sugarcane, beef, wheat, cotton, wool, bananas, peanuts, pineapple and citrus are among the state’s major agricultural products, plus there are a lot of mining exports and commodities, including coal and metals.