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    South Australia



    South Australia is blessed with a warm climate, although the winter months (June through to August) can bring cool weather across the State. The State’s northern region is predominantly arid and semi-arid; therefore, the temperature can get extremely high in summer. The daily temperature regularly hits above 110˚F, and the air remains dry. At night, in the desert region, air temperatures can sometimes drop to below 40˚F as a result of rapid heat loss.

    In the coastal region, which includes the State’s capital, Adelaide, temperatures are significantly different from the northern part. The coast experiences a Mediterranean climate, where four district seasons are felt. The summer months (between December and February) average about 82˚F, but winter sees temperatures fall to about 60˚F.

    Rainfall in the northern reaches of South Australia is rare, with less than two inches annually. Most of the State’s precipitation falls during the winter months, mainly during June and July. Adelaide and the Lofty Hills region receive the highest amount of rainfall each year.

    The State has more than 1.76 million people, 77% of whom live in Adelaide and surrounding metropolitan areas. Large regional population areas include Mount Gambier in the State’s South East and Whyalla, Port Lincoln, and Port Augusta on the Eyre Peninsula.
    While English is the principal language, the State has over 200 ethnic communities.


    South Australia is the southern, central State of mainland Australia. It has a total land area of 983,482 square kilometers (379,725 square miles), similar in size to Egypt, the Canadian province of Ontario, France, and Germany’s combined areas. It shares borders with all other mainland states and the Northern Territory.
    Its landscape varies from rugged outback wilderness and desert, including some of the continent’s aridest parts, scenic mountain ranges, and a coastline that stretches more than 3,700 kilometers.