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    South Australia

    Job Opportunities

    South Australia’s most prominent industries are healthcare and social services, and there are several employment and career options in these sectors throughout the State but especially in the capital, Adelaide. South Australia is also famous for food and wine, and there are plenty of jobs in these fields, as well as retail, manufacturing, and the defense industry.

    South Australia offers job opportunities in the private and public sectors at all levels of expertise and across various industries.

    South Australia has experienced more than two decades of uninterrupted economic growth, and $100 billion of significant developments are underway in a range of sectors across the State. Building on this history, South Australia offers skilled and business migrants every opportunity to further themselves or their business.

    Skills in Demand Demand exists in South Australia for skilled workers to fill emerging vacancies in diverse industry sectors within the State’s growing economy. South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List provides a list of top employing industries. For skilled migrants and international graduates, if your occupation industry is on this list, you can apply for state nomination to further your visa application’s success.