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    South Australia

    Resources & Infrastructure

    South Australia is blessed with rich natural assets headlined by significant deposits of copper, gold, iron ore, graphite, and petroleum. The State broadened its energy sector into batteries, thermal storage, hydrogen storage, and pumped water storage in disused mine pits. As global demand for resources rises, so does the need for a skilled workforce in engineering, geoscience, renewable energies, and related specialties.

    South Australia is leading the nation in the uptake of renewable energy. Currently, 53 percent of the State’s energy production comes from renewable sources. This commitment to clean energy has resulted in more than $7 billion invested in renewable energy projects. The State is a home battery development leader and has attracted investments from leading global solar and home battery developers, including Sonnen and Eguana Technologies. South Australia is also home to the world’s largest battery, installed by Tesla.

    The South Australian Government is already at work, together with industry, to drive economic prosperity and support business growth in our State.

    The government aims to lift the productivity, efficiency, and capacity of the infrastructure that delivers long-term benefit for South Australia, focusing on projects that enable economic activity in growth state sectors, improving supply chains, allowing access to jobs, and better connecting enterprises to their markets.