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Resources & Infrastructure

Victoria provides excellent infrastructure throughout the State, including an integrated network of road, rail, sea, and air transport and access to regional, national, and international markets.
Melbourne’s International Airport is Australia’s most oversized 24-hour, curfew-free freight and passenger airport. The Port of Melbourne is Australia’s largest and most modern container-handling port, operating 24 hours a day. Victoria also handles regional ports.

When it comes to resources, Victoria is a rich source of various mineral deposits. We are Australia’s largest producer of brown coal, which generates more than 70 percent of the State’s electricity.

Gold and mineral sands (zircon, rutile, and ilmenite) are prevalent in Victoria. We also have reasonable deposits of gypsum and kaolin. Our geoscience data reveals the significant potential for copper, zinc, silver, antimony, and nickel deposits.
Victoria’s ample supply of mineral deposits means there is significant prospective (potential) for further mineral resources development in Victoria.

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