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Australian permanent residency: 117 occupations open for skilled migrants willing to migrate to Northern Territory

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Over the next five years, low skilled migrants with limited English will have the option to apply for permanent residency after living and working in the Northern Territory for at least three years.

From cooks to family day care workers to motor mechanics, low skilled migrants will now be able to apply for Australia’s permanent residency.

Northern Territory has opened its door to skilled migrants in 117 occupations and has offered a pathway to permanent residency to these workers who are willing to work and live in the region for at least three years.

In a bid to distribute the migrant population outside Australia’s major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the Australian government has designed a new scheme to attract migrants to regional areas across the country.

The scheme – known as the Designation Area Migration Agreements (DAMA)s has been announced for two regions in Australia – Warrnambool region in Victoria and the Northern Territory which are experiencing labour shortages and need a population boost.

The second-such agreement for NT, this time with a pathway to permanent residency, DAMA II came into effect on January 1st 2019.

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