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Child Visa

The Australian society is primarily based on the institution of high family values and mutual respect. Since Australia is welcoming emigrants globally, the need for Australian child visa is also being perfectly addressed by the country. Australian authorities have introduced child visa regimes that help eligible children of Australian citizens and permanent residents to migrate to Australia and join their families.

The general benefits, applicable in most of the Australian child visa cases, are:

  • The children can stay in Australia indefinitely
  • They can work and study in Australia
  • The child is eligible to enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, Medicare
  • The children may sponsor relatives to come to Australia
  • The child can apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

The general requirements of an Australian child visa, applicable in most cases, are:

  • The child must be dependent on their parent who is an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent visa holder. The child must be sponsored by an eligible parent or their parent’s spouse or de facto partner.
  • The child must be either:
    • under 18 years old
    • over 18 and under 25 years and studying full time
    • over 18 years with a disability
  • The child can’t be or ever have been:
    • married or engaged to be married
    • in a de facto relationship
  • The child must meet the health and character criterion set by the Australian authorities.
  • Normally, children under 18 years are granted a visa if they fulfil the following conditions
    • the child has the written consent of everyone who can legally decide where they live
    • the laws of the child’s home country allow them to leave their home country, or
    • it is consistent with any Australian child order about the child

You can trust FBP International with Australian Child Migration Visa consultancy because we have 50+ years of cumulative immigration consultancy experience. FBP International provides complete consultancy for the Australian child category visa and we understand the importance of children being together with their parents. Our immigration consultants give special attention to child visa cases since, for us, these visa applications are the most special and demand complete focus. Also, FBP International assists clients with complete documentation clearing and forwarding service that is the key aspects of Australia Child Category Visa.

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