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Tourist Visa

Australia is a beautiful, diverse and robust continent. This is one country where all your travel, and adventure plans can integrate seamlessly, all within the same geography. Australia is called the land of plentiful. From the world’s largest coral reef to the great Australian bight, the country is a must visit for all travel enthusiast and adventure seekers. Some of the Australian cities have been listed as the most liveable cities of the world due to its moderate weather and lower cost of living.

Since 2012, the country has been scoring high for its affordability of living in the world and takes pride in being one of the multicultural cities that offers inexpensive food, lower interest rates and moderate real estate prices.

Most of the Australia enjoys typical Mediterranean climate and that helps in exploring the outdoors without much hassle. Also, the summers are long followed by a shorter span of a milder winter experiencing lesser than average rainfall. The country can be visited during any time of the year and is an authentic all-season tourist retreat.

From a tourism perspective, Australia has to a lot to offer for children of all ages. Once you land in the country as a tourist, you’ll have plenty to do and countless places to visit in and around. From exotic cuisines and home drawn wine to exotic wildlife parks and calm strolls along beautiful beaches, the country is studded with immense tourism heritage.

Australian visit visas are temporary visas that are granted to tourists and visitors to land in the country. FBP International is an Australian Visit Visa specialist with a history of positive outcomes for majority visit visa application.

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188 (Business) Visa

This provisional visa is for people with business skills. It lets you operate a new or existing business in Australia.
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188B (Business (Investment)) Visa

This provisional visa requires you to invest at least AUD1.5 million in an Australian State or Territory and maintain business or investment activity in Australia.
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188C (Business (Significant Investment)) Visa

This provisional visa is for people who invest at least AUD5 million in Australian investments that meet certain requirements and maintain investment activity in Australia.
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188D (Premium Investor) Visa

This provisional visa is for people who are nominated by Austrade and who invest at least AUD15 million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions.
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188E (Entrepreneur) Visa

This provisional visa lets you carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia.
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888 (Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)) Visa

This visa is for people who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on a previous, eligible visa.
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132 (Business Talent (Permanent)) Visa A | B

This visa is for experienced business owners, to operate a new or existing business in Australia.
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