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Average salaries and wages in Dubai and Australia

Dubai is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing cities in the world, leading the globe in all kinds of innovation. In Dubai, bigger is better, and it shows in the buildings, islands and the opportunities.

In most cases, employers are free to pay whatever wages they determine are fair for work that’s done for them. This means that there are extremely high paying jobs in Dubai, especially in booming industries like technology and hospitality. There are also extremely low paying jobs — a local news investigation found in 2012 that manufacturing wages in the UAE were among the lowest in the entire world. When it comes to finding a job, your best bet is probably to compare the salary to the cost of living and negotiate with your future employer accordingly.

In 2013, the UAE Ministry of Labour approved three rules for minimum salaries for different types of workers. These differ from a minimum wage because they don’t apply universally to all full-time workers in the country, but only to those that meet certain criteria. The rules are:

  1. University graduates should receive a minimum monthly salary of AED 12,000 ($3267.12 US).
  2. Skilled technicians should receive a minimum monthly salary of AED 7,000 ($1905.82 US).
  3. Skilled labourers should receive a minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000 ($1361.30 US), as long as they have a secondary school certificate.

In the UAE, the formation of labour unions is illegal, leaving few outlets for employees to exercise any control over their pay.

Compared to other countries, is the minimum wage in Dubai good?

Since Dubai doesn’t have a minimum wage, it’s hard to compare. But here are the minimum wages for some other popular destinations:

Country Minimum Wage (in US dollars)
Dubai (UAE) No legal minimum wage
Germany $10.48 per hour
Canada $7.93 – $10.68 per hour
United States $7.25 per hour
United Kingdom $9.93 per hour
Australia $508.88 per week
Norway No legal minimum wage
France $1,748.85 per month
Singapore No legal minimum wage
Belgium $1,846.11 per month

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