Migrating to Canada

Migrate to Canada | Best Canadian immigration Dubai

Migrate to Canada from Dubai is easy now. FBP International helps you to provide the best Canadian immigration lawyer services in Dubai, UAE.

Migrating to Canada is a life changing experience for all expats. Canada has always been a popular second-home destination country with the world’s most livable cities considering job opportunities, quality of education, life expectancy and cost of living, environment, safety and peacefulness. As one of the world’s prosperous nations and a member of the Group of Eight (G8), Canada has been enriched with its advanced and strong economy. Canada has been considered to have the best-proven and well-established residency and citizenship program. The Government of Canada has demonstrated a positive intention to invite foreign workers and has historically been open to recognizing that skilled immigrants significantly contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. There has been an abundant availability of jobs for expats. Occupations in health, catering or production industries, project management, process and engineering and insurance tend to be in higher demand. There is a good availability of office jobs.