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English Training

English is not just a language but also a way of connecting to the world.

The Language Center focuses on improving professional communication skills (individual and business level) and language skills. The program is designed to help you reach your language goals, enhancing your listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills.

Learning a language also provides confidence towards the language; English is the global language individuals who are migrating to another country should remove the language barrier and understand English. We provide training for those who are willing to learn. With us, you will be able to enhance your overall English speaking, writing, pronouncing, and comprehension skills.

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    FBP International has exclusively created a brand called ‘Aussie English’ with a well-versed team in the art and science of teaching English. Our training will help you with your PTE and IELTS exams and enhance your overall English speaking, writing, and comprehension skills.

    Aussie English PTE and IELTS Training include the following benefits:

    • Curriculum designed and developed in line with the guidelines provided by PTE and IELTS authorities.
    • In-house internationally qualified and well-experienced PTE and IELTS instructors
    • Virtual Learning Management facility enabled students to easily access the course work and the lectures at home and on-site.
    • The flexible training schedule is tailored to students’ convenience.
    • The conducive online learning environment at the premises
    • Mock Exam simulations available for practice
    • Question and Answer data bank provided to students for self-study
    • Highly competitive and affordable pricing
    • General migration guidance was
    • Detailed lectures by qualified and experienced instructors on exam attempting and passing strategies.