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143 (Contributory Parent) Visa

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    143 (Contributory Parent) Visa

    Individuals who intend to bring their parents to Australia, here what you need.

    Visa 143 allows you to live permanently in Australia with your children.

    The Australian Department of Home Affairs grants parent visas to people with children who have lived in Australia as permanent residents or citizens for at least two years.

    To get this visa, applicants must pass a so-called family balance test. The test states that the applicant must have at least half of their children living in Australia as Australian citizens or permanent residents, or have more children living in Australia than in any other country. All children, including stepchildren and foster children of adoptive parents, are included in the cumulative family assessment.

    Step 1Start your Process with FBP
    Step 2Check your eligibility
    Step 3Submit all your documents
    Step 4Lodge Visa application
    Step 5Receive 143 Visa Grant

    Both you and your child (sponsor) must participate in the 143-visa application process.

    •  Sponsors must complete Form 40, the Sponsorship Form for all parent visa applications.
    • Fill out the Parent Visa Application (Form 47PA).
    • Please print and attach to the rest of your application.
    • You must collect all necessary documents. Mail all documents to your child/sponsor in Australia.
    • Your child/sponsor will attach Form 40 to the required documentation.
    • Your child/sponsor pays the first visa fee.
    • Your child/sponsor will mail or courier the documents to the Australian Parent Visa Application Centre. The mailing address is specified on the visa application.

    To obtain an Australian 143 visa,

    • you and your sponsor (children) must meet the following requirements:
    • Your child living in Australia must sponsor you
    • Your child must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
    • You must adhere to the requirements of the Balance of Family Test, which means half your children or more must live in Australia rather than another country.
    •  Your child must agree to give you an assurance of support, which means they will cover your financial necessities and you will not rely on Australian government assistance.
    • You must meet the health requirements associated with the 143 Visa.
    • You will need to see a doctor appointed by the Australian Immigration Department to conduct the investigation.
    •  You must meet the requirements of a good personality. Australian visas must not be canceled or denied in the past.

    The 143 Visa lets in you to stay together along with your toddler in Australia permanently. In addition to that, you could also:

    • Please apply with your nearest family (spouse and children).
    • Work and study in Australia.
    • If you meet the criteria, we encourage you to join another family member.
    • Register with the Australian Public Health System.
    • Apply for Australian Citizenship in full.

    After lodging an application, you can stay while process and once the visa is granted you can stay indefinite.

    Applicants are eligible to enroll in free Medicare.