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Subclass 309 – Partner (Provisional) Visa

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    309 & 100 (Offshore Partner) Visa

    309 & 100 offshore partner visa might be possibility for a permanent residency

    Partner visas (temporary and immigrant visas) (subclasses 309 and 100) allow the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen with permanent residency to live in Australia.

    The 309 temporary visa is a temporary visa, while the 100 immigrant visa is a permanent visa. First, a 309 temporary visa will be issued. This allows applicants to stay in Australia for two years and apply for an immigrant 100 visa within that period.

    Step 1Start your Process with FBP
    Step 2Check your eligibility
    Step 3Submit all your documents
    Step 4Lodge Visa application
    Step 5Receive 309 and 100 Visa Grant

    Obtaining a permanent partner visa (immigrant) (subclass 100) is a two-step process.

    • To obtain a permanent partner visa, you must first obtain a temporary (provisional) partner visa (subclass 309).
    • Apply for both a permanent visa and a temporary visa at the same time and pay only one fee.
    • If you have a temporary (temporary) partner visa (subclass 309), you can be assessed approximately two years after you submit your application for a permanent partner visa (immigrant) (subclass 100).
    • Additional documentation needs to be provided for this evaluation. If you have a long-term relationship prior to your application, you will be issued a permanent partner visa (immigrant) (subclass 100) immediately after your temporary partner visa (provisional) (subclass 309).
    • Partner visas (subclasses 309 and 100) allow Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, or spouses to reside in Australia.
    • A temporary (temporary) partner visa (subclass 309) is first issued, and you can stay in Australia while your permanent partner (immigrant) visa (subclass 100) is being processed.

    For partners (provisional) (subclass 309)

    • Must be outside Australia at the time of application and decision
    • You must be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a qualified New Zealand Citizen’s spouse or effective partner.
    • You must be at least 18 years old when applying for this visa (applies to both your spouse and your actual partner) If your partner is under the age of 18.
    • you will need a sponsor (Australian citizen, permanent resident, or parent or guardian of a qualified New Zealand citizen).
    • You must meet your health and personality requirements
    • All debt must be paid to the Australian Government (if any) before the visa is issued.

    For partners (immigrants) (subclass 100)

    • Must have a temporary partner visa (subclass 309).
    • Unless there are special circumstances, they must be in a continuous marriage or de facto relationship.

    309 Temporary visas must comply with all Australian laws and conditions.

    • Health checkup conducted within 12 months after applying for a visa
    • Police certificate for a country that has lived for more than 12 months in the last 10 years
    • Accommodation
    • Financial support including English courses as needed
    • Further support such as childcare as needed