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FBP International has a reputation as the “Best Australian Migration Settlement Experts” globally. We base this claim on rock-solid facts.

FBP is owned, operated and managed by a team of Australian professional consultants and Lawyers with over three decades of cumulative experience in the field of Australian Immigration Services.

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    Koffi Loukou

    Australian Immigration Consultant

    +33 7 67 22 23 76

    Deciding to immigrate to Australia is a decision that can change your life and that of your family. The immigration process in Australia is not only complex, but it changes very often without notice and we do not advise anyone to try to do it alone.
    Our team of experts, lawyers and immigration consultants will save you hours of work by determining the best visa option for you at affordable prices.
    A small mistake by you or your unauthorised agent could banish you, banish you from Australia and prevent you from applying for a visa for a very long time.
    It is recommended that you go through a firm of consultants or lawyers who are recognised by the Australian Immigration Service.
    We have a qualified and experienced team who understand the complexity of Australian visas.
    We have over 1800 happy clients who have benefited from our assistance in obtaining their skilled worker and other types of visas.
    Our team has a wide range of knowledge of Australian visas, immigration application and processing, post-arrival assistance, business start-up, investing in Australia, opening a bank account and obtaining Australian recognised certificates and diplomas.

    We always carry out a preliminary assessment of the candidate’s chances of obtaining permanent resident status before a contract is signed. If a candidate cannot qualify to participate in immigration programs, we will not process their immigration application. When we accept a file, it is because we believe that the candidate has a good chance of obtaining a permanent resident visa at the end of the procedures.

    Our Legal Advisors

    FBP International is proud to say that it’s the only firm in the region to have in-house Australian Lawyers and Advisors. 

    Janine Elizabeth - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

    Lukasz Wyszynski - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

    Stephanie Chia - LLB/LP

    Australian Legal Practitioner

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