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    Invest in FBP

    Amazing Opportunities for selected investors in Best Australian Immigration Lawyers and Settlement Experts

    FBP International is Australian-owned and operated and has 50+ years of cumulative experience in the Australian Migration Settlement. We are the only ones with in-house Australian Immigration legal Practitioners in MENA, India region & GCC, Specialising in Australian Migration Law.

    FBP International is the only company in the UAE to have an Australian Legal practitioner, an Australian Registered Immigration Agent (MARA), a business and legal counsel, and a well-trained processing service provider (documentation team).

    We further have registered legal experts and a well-trained documentation team. As mentioned above, there are only three registered agents in the United Arab Emirates, one of whom is FBP International, the only Australian immigration attorney in the region. See these links to see who our registration and our legal counsel are –

    1. Government Registration (MARA) – (https://bit.ly/3kgCNIU)
    2. Our Advisors – (https://www.fbpintl.com/about/our-advisors/)

    Overall, our group success rate is 99%, based on the group’s previous and current performance.

    With the help of our associates and partners, the FBP Brand has become “THE BEST AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION AND SETTLEMENT EXPERTS” in GCC, India, and the MENA region.

    We are now embracing Investors to come in and expand the presence of FBP international with our partners in different parts of the GCC, MENA, and Indian Region. We would be pleased to amplify our franchise, partners, offices, affiliations, and sales agents.

    Revenue Share

    FBP International and UAE Master Franchise have worked together for seven years. The revenue share of UAE Master Franchise is 50% of the income received from the UAE Master Franchise’s direct clients. The UAE Master Franchise office also gets an additional gross revenue share of 25%, for documentation collection, from the clients brought by its Sales Partner, Agents, and satellite offices, which are termed, indirect clients. (Indirect clients have been given to the UAE Master Franchise through other local agents in the region). All such offices are set up and managed by our partners.

    Rights & Term

    The Investor will have full rights to FBP International and our document processing service team with about 400+ clients on the books.

    Business Model

    FBP International is a plug-and-play business model developed by Australian executives. The business has a minimum number of highly trained staff capable of selling, consulting, selling direct, managing customers for other local agents, collecting documents, and marketing and selling various other products and services that the group provides to its customers.

    This business has a sound IT infrastructure to use the Internet best and stress-free. This is why FBP International has survived and benefited from COVID-19. Since its inception, FBP International has consistently earned a weighted average profit of 70% per annum, excluding all expenses. A third-party auditor has audited FBP International, and the audit report is presented after due diligence on severe potential investors.

    FBP International is conveniently located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road. 250 sqm ft. with seven workspaces in addition to the office, FBP International has access to meeting rooms, meeting rooms, staff storage, and private restrooms on the same floor.

    Reasons To Invest in This Business:

    1. Leading and only Australian immigration law professional business based in UAE.
    2. Evaluation and financial performance of external accountants from January 2015 to December 2020
    3. The weighted average PER (6 years) according to the Valuation Report is 70%
    4. An untapped market, limited competition, and huge growth potential
    5. Sea of ​​knowledge and experience for all types of visa applications and product monopolies.
    6. The only Commonwealth Bank Australia affiliate in the region to open an existing customer’s bank account directly on our website. Customers can use this service immediately after receiving their visas. This service is provided before the customer arrives in Australia.
    7. Additional income from new sales agency service

    Handover and Support gave by our UAE Master Franchise:

    Support and management access provided to new owners includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Website and online support (hosting, payment gateways, servers, web design, content, regular updates, web development, web, and online security and certifications, servers, email professional, etc.).
    2. All social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In).
    3. IT Infrastructure – (customized CRM system and updated immigration process workflow)
    4. Marketing Support (Access to Canva with all designs)
    5. Current Staff – (Manager, Sales Consultants, Customer service, Admin/Accounts, Marketing, Immigration Lodgement Officials)
    6. Existing Clients in-process and pipeline – 400+ (average gross receivables US$2000 per client)
    7. All types of licenses and registration – (Marketing Management licenses, Management Consultancy Licenses, and documentation collection licenses)
    8. Office Rental – been in the same premises for seven years. The rent covers office space, furniture, meeting rooms access, utility, and internet.
    9. Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops, Printers, and all other accessories.
    10. Three months of complete one-to-one handover.