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Australia: Permanent migration cap raised for first time in decade – An Opportunity to Become an Immigration Agent

Australia has announced that it will raise its permanent migration cap for the first time in a decade to address labor shortages. The government has decided to accept 195,000 people in 2022-23, a 35,000 increase! Due to the pandemic’s strict border policies, there has been a significant gap in many sectors, which the government says […]
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High demand for the Victoria Skilled Migration Program!

The Skilled Migration Program for applicants seeking Skilled Migration to Australia in 2022-23 is open! Various states are opening their onshore and offshore skill migration programs for 2022-23. Victoria is one of them, attracting a lot of interest from both onshore and offshore applicants. Due to huge interest and high demand, the state of Victoria […]
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Top 10 in-demand jobs in Australia!

Australia- the vast country with ample opportunities is seeking more and more employees to be filled in different industrial sectors. Being a massive continent with low population density, the work force requirement in Australia is huge. Australia has a major skill shortage because of the number of job vacancies is currently greater than the number […]
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Immigration Update – Skilled Migration Programs Opening Soon for South Australia!

New immigration update from South Australia! The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs has provided South Australia with an interim allocation of nomination places for the 2022-23 program year. Based on this, South Australia will be opening its State’s Skilled & Business Migration immediately. Based on the interim allocation, South Australia will have slots for […]
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Australia planning to increase Migration intake, Especially Skilled Workers!

Australia, one of the major countries with broad employment opportunities, is seeking skilled workers to fill the employment slots available. The government plans to increase the migration intake between 180,000 to 200,000 a year, which expects to bring in more skilled migrants including trade workers, IT specialists, engineers, and aged care workers.Thousands of skilled migrants […]
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Why High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) in India prefers Australia & Malta for relocation

According to the latest reports, which tracks the global trends in private wealth and investment migration, By 2025, it’s expected that 2000 or more Indian entrepreneurs would relocate to foreign countries. India’s strict tax laws and reporting requirements, along with the need for stronger passports, remain the driving force behind the migration. The survey reveals […]
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Why Post-Landing Services in Australia is Vital

Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. Immigration is just 30% of the entire transition process. Even when the hard yard of Migration is done, settling down in a new country is a hectic task itself. At FBP International, We take care of your whole process through our comprehensive settlement and post-landing […]
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Gain Clarity over Terms- Registered Australian Migration Agent, Australian Immigration Lawyer & Unregistered Visa Agent

Are you contemplating about migrating to Australia or looking for visa application services and easy Australian immigration process? Well, the various terms used for service providers for Australian immigration –Australian immigration agent, Australian immigration lawyer or Australian visa agents can be confusing for you.As a registered immigration consultancy having affiliations with the Australian government authorities […]
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