Why Covid-19 does not affect the Migration business to Australia

While the whole globe has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and international borders are closed, they won’t be forever. At this stage the Australian government has not given word on when their borders will re-open.  Although we are preparing for most of the remainder of 2020 to be in lockdown. However, this means that

Australia is OPEN! 160,000 VISA ALLOCATIONS announced for the 2020-21 Migration Program Year BECOME OUR PARTNER! Australia Migration Program Planning and Delivery 2020-21 Update, 10 July 2020. The Department of Home Affairs has provided further information on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the 2020-21 Migration Program Year. The Department has acknowledged that

IT services company Datacom has announced its plans to expand into South Australia, by opening a second customer service hub in Adelaide. In a statement the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said “The company is expanding its presence in SA at a time when we’re rebooting the economy. Our handling of COVID-19 has presented us

FBP-INTL has state-of-the-art IT Infrastructure & Technology to assist its CP’s and their clients providing a more effective and efficient migration process from start to finish.  In this current global crisis, we have introduced Online Video Consultations which have been a huge success. FBP International is open for business as usual to help start your

FBP International DWC International is a leading Australian Immigration and settlement business consultancy firm that has more than 30 years of cumulative experience. The organization is managed by a team of seasoned Australian immigration consultancy professionals who have the credit of settling down more than 1800 individuals and families in Australia to pursue a secure

Australia is one of the most favoured migration destinations. The continent’s strategic geographical location, a highly resilient economy and cultural diversity are the key points that migration aspirants consider when making their decision to make Australia home. Unlike many other immigration hotspots located in Americas and Europe, Australia welcomes migrants with arms wide open and

The Australian economy is booming, and the unemployment rates have constantly remained under 3% in the past few years. The GDP growth of Australia has remained stable with a positive outlook. Therefore, Australia needs more talent and manpower. Australia’s economy is inclusive and gives everyone a level playing field to reap benefits. Also, the economy

Career Scope for Accountants Looking to Migrate to Australia

During the past few decades, Australia has emerged as a leader in developed world. This is the result of mega infrastructure developments and a highly resilient economy that did not bow down to any of the recent global financial meltdowns. Due to these facts, Australia not only commands a fitting place within the developed world

Australia has quickly become one of the best developed countries to migrate. There are many reasons behind this. However, the key advantage is that it’s an easy and transparent migration processes. Unlike other developed countries where it can sometimes even take a decade or so to get immigration granted; Australia has made it easy for

The Complete Insight into Eligibility and Benefits of Australian Partner Visa

Australia is a fully developed country that boasts of a resilient economy that is an indicator of lower unemployment rate. As compared to other developed countries, Australian work force generally earns more than their counterparts in other countries. This has made Australia a favoured migration destination since the past 2 decades. Also, the country stresses

Canberra Open For Engineers & Healthcare Professionals as ACT Releases Updated Occupation List

There is some good news for the engineers and healthcare professionals looking to migrate and settle down in Australia. The Australia Capital Territory – Canberra – has recently released an updated version of the occupation list designated for skilled migration. According to the sources of Best Migration Services (BMS) Australia, Canberra – the Capital of

How FBP International Can Help Filipino Expats Migrate to Australia from the UAE

United Arab Emirates is home to around 9 million expats belonging to more than 270 countries. Most of the expats in the country belong to developing nations such as India, Pakistan, Nepal and the Philippines. However, the dramatic evolution of the UAE a from far-flung sheikhdom to a vibrant, fully developed and upscale country relies