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500 (student) Visa

Global students are welcomed to study in Australia and build their future

The reason of the student visa is to permit global college students to adopt full-time schooling and education in Australia. This visa permits a scholar to live in Australia all through the applicable course. The scholar should enrol, or in a few instances have a letter of offer, with an Australian schooling company earlier than accommodations a visa application.

The minimum requirements for this visa are set out below:

The exact requirements for this visa will depend on the level of risk assigned to your application (“immigration risk”), which is a combined assessment of identified immigration risk. by the education provider’s risk rating and the nationality in your passport.

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    As a visa applicant you must:

    • be registered with an Australian education provider as a full-time student and have written confirmation of this registration (most courses online is not eligible)
    •  genuinely intend to complete the relevant period of study in Australia
    •  have the required English language proficiency, unless exempt
    • have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your intended stay in Australia have enough money to cover your return airfare, tuition fees and living expenses in Australia, as well as the required fees for dependents included in your application.
    • You must first register for a full-time course with an Australian education provider and receive written confirmation of your enrollment (CoE) from that provider. We will then prepare and submit your visa application with DOHA. The main criterion is that you meet the above-mentioned conditions, the exact nature of which will depend on the nationality of your passport and the requirements of the education provider. You must also meet relevant health and character requirements.
    • Once your visa is granted by DOHA, you can enter (or stay in) Australia to begin your study programme. While studying, you should not work more than 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session, and for your initial visa only start working after your course has commenced. head. Different work arrangements apply to higher education research masters and doctoral level courses, please discuss with us as applicable. You should also check the work allowance for dependents on your application, if applicable.

    The time it takes DOHA to process your request depends on their service standards for processing times and can also vary due to a number of other factors, including the complexity of your case, perceived risks and treatment priorities. Please contact us for updates on possible processing times for this type of request.

    You can apply for two or more courses on your student visa (subclass 500) when there is a clear progression from one course to the next. This is called course encapsulation.

    You must provide a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) or demonstrate that a CoE is not required for each scheduled course in your visa application.

    The last course that you will take as part of your course set is your main (or main) program of study. Your core curriculum will be used to determine your financial and English language requirements.


    As part of your student visa application the department will assess to see if you are genuinely going to stay in Australia temporarily (Genuine Temporary Entrant).

    In order to prove this, we need evidence such as:

    •  statement of purpose
    •  evidence of your/your family economic circumstances in home country (this is very important, you can show your family`s financial situation in home country by bank accounts, whether they have a business, house, etc.)
    • ties to your home country (evidence of financial and personal ties to your home country, such as evidence of assets in home country consistent with your family background, family or social ties that would provide sufficient inducement for them to return to home country at the end of your studies).
    • Please provide a list of your family members and other social ties (friends, previous coworkers, etc.)
      • evidence of past study (we have your accounting diploma)
      • work experience (we do not have any work experience evidence) – Please provide evidence of employment for at least the previous

    12 months, upon return job confirmation, tax return or financial statement

    • Letter from employer or statement confirming the need for (enhanced) skills for the employment or career prospects of the applicant
    • Evidence of multiple professional or academic findings to support the need for a new career direction.