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500 (Student) Visa

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    500 (Student) Visa

    Do you have the skills to get a 500 (Student) visa? Look below to find out!

    Visit Australia to participate in a course of study.

    You must:

    • be enrolled in a course of study in Australia
    • hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or fall in one of the exemption categories
    • must be 6 years or older
    • prove you have a welfare arrangement, if you are under 18
    • If in Australia hold an eligible substantive visa. See, ‘Have this Visa if applying while in Australia” in Eligibility Tab. 

    Salient Features
    With this visa you can:

    • participate in an eligible course of study
    • bring family members to Australia with you
    • apply online in or outside Australia

    Up to 5 years and in line with your enrolment


    Processing Time
    Processing times vary
    For more details, please click here.