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Subclass 462 – First Work and Holiday Visa

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    462 (Work and Holiday) Visa

    462 work and holiday visa might let you stay in Australia for up to 1 year, let’s find out more

    The Work and Holiday (Temporary) visa (subclass 462) is for young people who want to take a vacation and work in Australia for up to one year. This is a temporary visa to encourage cultural exchanges and close ties between Australia and the visa destination country. Working in Australia – 6 months with one employer: Normally you can only work with one employer for 6 months. More information can be found at Work in Australia – Six Months with One Employer.

    This visa is for young people who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year.

    You may be eligible for this visa if:

    • 18 years old but not 31 yet.
    • Have no dependent children during your stay in Australia
    • Passport:
      • Argentina
      • Bangladesh
      • Chile
      • China, People`s Republic of
      • Indonesia
      • Israel
      • Malaysia
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Slovak Republic
      • Slovenia
      • Spain
      • Thailand
      • Turkey
      • USA
      • Uruguay

    This visa allows you to:

    • stay in Australia for up to 12 months
    • work in Australia, generally for up to six months with each employer
    • study for up to four months
    • leave and reenter Australia any number of times while the visa is valid.

    This visa allows you to:

    • enter Australia within 12 months of the visa issuance date (no extension or postponement)
    • Stay in Australia for up to 12 months from the date you first entered Australia (this is the date your 12-month stay on your visa begins)
    • You can leave and re-enter Australia multiple times during the validity of your visa.

    Extending your stay in Australia

     The Work and Holiday visa helps you to live in Australia for 12 months.

    Any time spent outdoor Australia after the 12-month live in your visa begins offevolved does now no longer enlarge the period of the visa.

    You can be capable of observe for a extraordinary visa to increase your live handiest in case your visa isn’t always granted with a `no in addition live` situation.

    You can be suggested of this for your visa furnish letter. Holders of visas with out this situation can observe for a confined range of different visas even as in Australia.

    You need to touch your nearest immigration workplace in Australia to speak about your options.


    Start your 12-month stay on a work and tourist visa

    The 12-month period of stay on a work and holiday visa begins when you enter Australia:

    • transit passengers.
    • Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)
    • Crew Travel Authority (CTA)
    • Marine Corps Visa (MCV)

    you must provide documents to support your application for this visa. We can make a decision using the information you provide when you lodge your application.

    It is in your interest to provide all relevant information and documents with your application. You must provide copies of original documents. Do not include original documents unless we specifically ask for them.

    In general, documents in languages ​​other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. For country-specific information, visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website to apply for this visa.

    Use this checklist to ensure your application is complete.


    • Online application (U.S. citizens only):
    • Applying for work and tourist visas.
    • To apply by mail or in person: Form 1208
    • Application for Work and Tourist Visa (PDF, 205 KB).

    Get assistance

    Please complete the following form only if you are applying in writing:

    • If someone is giving you advice or applying on your behalf: Form 956 – Immigration Agent / Released Person Consultation Regarding Immigration Assistance (PDF, 133 KB) (the form must be completed and signed by you by the representative or waiver).
    • If you would like someone else to receive correspondence from us on your behalf: Form 956a – Appointed or Canceled Authorized Payee (PDF, 116KB) (recipient must complete form and sign by you).

    Personal documents

    A copy of the biography page (page with owner’s photo and personal information, issue/expiration date) of a valid passport or travel document.

    • Copies of birth certificates showing the names of both parents. If you do not have a birth certificate and cannot obtain one, you must provide a copy of the ID page of at least one of the following documents:
    • A family book with the names of both parents government issued identification A court-issued document proving your identity.
    • A copy of your name change certificate if your name has changed. Two recent passport photos (45mm x 35mm). This photo should show only the head and shoulders on a solid background.
    • Write your name on the back of each photo. If you have served in your country’s armed forces:
    • a copy of your military service or release sheet.
    • Evidence that you have personal assistance funds worth approximately AUD 5,000 during your stay in Australia. Evidence that you have a ticket for your next flight from Australia, or that you have sufficient funds to purchase that ticket at the end of your stay.
    • This should be added to the Personal Assistance Fund while in Australia.
    • Evidence of relevant educational qualifications. Eligible Countries:
    • A valid government support letter for this application. For more information, see Work and Leisure Visas (Subclass 462).
    • Evidence that your English level is at least functional. You must provide one of the following prescribed types of evidence:
    • Results of certain English language tests (IELTS, OET, PTE Academic, TOEFL, CAE) taken in the last 12 months or other acceptable proof of English language proficiency.

    If you are providing Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam results, you must take the exam on or after January 1, 2015. For more information, including other acceptable proof of English proficiency, see Work and Tourist Visa (Subclass 462). ).