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Settlement Services

Receiving a visa grant is just 40% of the entire settlement procedure. FBP international takes care of the other 60% with exclusive settlement services for up to two years after you migrate – for no additional cost. We will guide you from the start of your journey; to the end and beyond!
FBP International, being Australian owned and operated, is the only firm in the G.C.C region to offer end-to-end Australian immigration services including comprehensive settlement services for clients for up to two years after arrival in Australia to ensure a seamless transition for them. These settlement services are offered to the client at no additional cost and is a part of a complete package including migration and settlement consultation. Settling into a new country can be a real challenge and FBP International aims to help clients adjust to life in Australia and make the most out of the opportunities available. We will handhold you from the time you receive your visa until you settle in Australia.

Why use Settlement Services?

We have built a robust and multicultural network of Government...

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FBP International being Australian owned and operated does not outsource...

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FBP International has tied-up with Australia’s national bank...

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