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Settlement Services

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    Settlement Services

    Blend and Settle with the Australian Community with ease.

    Settlement services aim to help new migrants participate in the Australian economy and society as quickly and comprehensively as possible. The Commonwealth Government has provided settlement services and programs since the inception of the post-war migration program. They have expanded and grown over the past 50 years as populations have become increasingly diverse and, within the global policy framework, have evolved from assimilation, through integration, to multiculturalism.

    Today, various Commonwealth and State agencies fund Australia’s multicultural programs and services and cover multiple activities and structures, including ethnic radio, radio and television stations, SBS, funding ethnic schools, anti-discrimination courts, advisory committees, community, and interfaith language education. Conversation. Multicultural services administrated by the Commonwealth’s Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs include the Living in Harmony initiative, including Harmony Day, Access and Equity Strategy (see Government’s Fairer Programs and Services website), and Diversity Program.