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Australian Colloquialism

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    Australian Colloquialism

    Australians have a unique way of communicating- Be the part of the Australian community

    Colloquialism is a Word or phrase used in regular or familiar conversations that are not formal or literary.

    Australians have a unique way of communicating, and we use words like “ta” very causally. Yes, thank you for saying that. Use “wog” to call friends. It’s an exciting way, don’t think about anything else. To celebrate Australia Day, which is celebrated on January 26th each year.

    This guide should not be considered a communication guide but rather an informal and entertaining introduction to some of Australia’s unique features. Increasing globalization and shifts away from rural life have made Australian English adopt many American terms while romanticizing words commonly associated with bushes. Many Australians consider their slang an indigenous language and an integral part of their culture. Judging by the number of books with Australian slang on the shelves, they are still of interest to travelers.

    • Howdy – Hello, a warm greeting to greet someone
    • Cheers – thank you, a magic word to express gratitude
    • Cuppa – a cup of tea
    • G day – Hello or hello, warm greetings heat
    • Ta – thanks, expression of deep gratitude
    • Pop about – come, call someone around or move to a location
    • See ya in arvo – see you in the afternoon
    • Cheerio, Toodleoo, Hooroo or ooroo – bye, bye when one moves
    • You’re right – need help? Ask for support and help to show those who are in action
    • Tingle – I will call you (make a phone call), giving a ring on the phone is called tingle. Will tingle you this noon.
    • Ow ya goin – how is it going, asking about the status or the development
    • Devo– being upset with something, mmod off when something happens negative or against one wish
    • How`s it hangin – how do you feel? enquring about the well being
    • No wuckers – no problem, not minding something and saying it’s okay
    • Oi! – calling someone in a rude way, expressing anger while calling someone to show your feelings or calling in an authoritative tone
    • Yep – Yes
    • Sweet – Great
    • Not bad mate – Fine, thank you
    • Good on ya – Well done, appreciating for a great job done
    • Have a good one – have a great day, greeting for a warm day
    • No worries – Your welcome, accepting the thanks or sorry from someone and telling you welcome their feeling of gratefulness or apology