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Australian Colloquialism

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Australian Colloquialism

Australians often abbreviate words and then add an ‘o’ or ‘ie’ at the end.

  • G’day – an informal and traditional Australian greeting (shortened form of “Good day”)
  • Mate – friend; an informal friendly way of referring to someone
  • Fortnight – this term describes a period of two weeks
  • Barbecue, BBQ or barbie – outdoor cooking, usually of meat or seafood over a grill or hotplate using gas or coals
  • Cuppa – a cup of tea or coffee; Arvo – Afternoon (‘Drop by this arvo for a cuppa’ means please come and visit this afternoon for a cup of tea or coffee.)
  • Fair dinkum – honest, the truth
  • Chook – a chicken
  • Flat out – to be very busy
  • Got to hit the frog & toad – ‘I am leaving’ or ‘Going to hit the road’
  • Bloke – a man (Sometimes if you ask for help, you may get be told to ‘see that bloke over there’)
  • Sheila – a woman
  • How ya goin? – ‘How are you going?’ – means how are you, or how do you do?
  • Biro – pen
  • Dead Horse – ‘Pass me the sauce’
  • Dog & Bone – phone
  • Sandshoe – running shoes
  • Budgie smugglers – short bathers
  • Noah’s Arc – shark

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