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    How can FBP help you?

    Being migration experts, we can help throughout your journey

    FBP International is the leading immigration consulting agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our main goal is to help you achieve a safer, brighter, and more prosperous future. We protect your right to a better and more advanced life in developed countries by assisting you with skilled and professional migration solutions. We are proud to be the ONLY Australian immigration consulting firm providing turnkey immigration services from Dubai to Australia.

     As a company, FBP proudly showcases over 30 years of accumulated Australian immigration experience and has a global reputation for connecting the world with Australia.

    We are privileged to be the ONLY company in the GCC region with an Australian attorney and in-house legal counsel specializing in Australian immigration law. We conduct all relevant processes and transactions with transparency thoroughly in every step.

    • FBP International, Australian-owned and operated, does not outsource any part of the migration process to a foreign company or agent. Due to our deep relationship with Australia, we have a solid and extensive network of key service providers in various Australian states and territories, allowing us to offer advice and advice. Expert advice on immigration and settlement in Australia.
    • We have Australian representatives – people born in Australia or who have spent most of their lives in Australia – who can effectively guide and support our clients through the settlement process.
    • We have worked with hundreds of migrants and understand what their needs are.
    • We have an extensive professional network of experts in their respective fields, carefully selected after many thorough screening processes.
    • We have developed a streamlined process to ensure you are installed most efficiently.
    • We’ll manage your installation from start to finish – before you arrive in Australia until you’re settled.