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    Job Opportunities

    The good life begins with good opportunities- Australia have those for you

    Getting a skilled migration visa for Australia has never been more challenging. The number of permits issued has been reduced, processing times are slower, and UK migrants are facing increasing competition from countries such as India and China. Add to that the disruption from the coronavirus epidemic, and it may seem an insurmountable challenge.

    With more than 25 million people, the unemployment rate is as low as 5%; Australia also offers some of the highest professional salaries globally.

    Why wouldn’t you want to go down Under to get rich with all those positives?

    The Australian economy is primarily a service sector, followed by industry and agriculture. Tourism is also big business, especially in big cities. Your chances of landing a graduate job are higher in metropolitan cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, but don’t overlook rural areas. If you have the right skills and qualifications, your chances of getting a job are excellent.

    Graduates generally have low unemployment rates and have better labor market outcomes and higher wages than non-graduates.

    Recent growth industries include:

    • Healthcare
    • Warehousing, storage & distribution
    • Sales representative/ Consultant
    • Developer/ Programmer
    • Mining operation
    • Plant & Machinery operator
    • Engineering & Maintenance
    • Business/ Systems Analysts

    See Employment Australia – Australian Labor Market Update for up-to-date labor market information. The best graduate employers, according to Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employers, include:

    • Google Australia
    • Apple
    • Deloitte
    • PwC
    • CAIRO
    • Department of Education and Training
    • KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdele)
    • Microsoft
    • EY (Ernst & Young)
    • Commonwealth Bank.

    Australia is providing Great Job Opportunities throughout the country. But, the demand of profession vary from state to state. It’s crucial to select the appropriate state which has concerning career opportunity – during migration application. Click on the state to find the live opportunities posted in Seek.au.com :