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Why use Settlement Services

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    Why use settlement services?

    We help you complete settlement process without a hassle.

    The issuance of visas only accounts for 40% of the entire settlement procedure. FBP International will cover the remaining 60% with exclusive settlement services for up to two years after you migrate. We’ll guide you from start to finish on your journey and beyond!

    FBP International, Australian-owned and operated, is the only company in the GCC region to offer end-to-end Australian immigration services, including full settlement service to clients for up to two years after they arrive in Australia, to ensure a smooth transition. These settlement services are provided free of charge to clients and are part of a comprehensive package that includes immigration and settlement advice. Moving to a new country can be a real challenge, and FBP International aims to help clients adjust to life in Australia and make the most of the opportunities available. We will accompany you from when you receive your visa until you settle in Australia.

    Here are a few reasons why we encourage our clients to take advantage of the mediation services offered by FBP International:

    • Mediation services save our clients time by eliminating the research process, inevitable delays, trial and error methods, and from a global perspective, reducing the time required to accumulate local experience and knowledge of Australia.
    • An efficient resolution process saves our clients inexperienced costs, which can be pretty substantial if you make the wrong choice and make the bad decision.
    • FBP International offers billing as part of a comprehensive, end-to-end package at no additional cost to the customer.
    • Settling in a new country is a stressful and challenging undertaking for individuals and families. Using these settlement services will give you peace of mind and confidence that your basic needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals so you can focus on more important matters.
    • Avoid common pitfalls that can harm you and your family.
    • Clients will gain the necessary local and cultural knowledge – which can take years to master – which will then help them integrate into Australian society and way of life as soon as possible.