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191 (Skilled Regional PR) Visa

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    191 (Skilled Regional PR) Visa

    To seek visa 191 skill regional Individuals must have resided previously to be permanent resident

    This visa is for individuals who have previously resided, worked, and studied in a specific area of Australia on a previously eligible visa. This visa allows you to: stay permanently.

    The Regional Permanent Visa for Skilled Workers (Subclass 191) allows subclass 494 and 491 visa holders to obtain permanent residency.

    The visa is valid for 5 years. Conditions will be introduced to ensure that the government’s intention to allow visa holders to live, work and study only in that area (Condition 8579) and to reside only in designated positions if sponsored by an employer will be met. Visa holders can move around the area. Regional areas are defined as all areas except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


    Step 1Start your Process with FBP
    Step 2Lodge your Skill Assessment
    Step 3Lodge Expression of Interest through SkillSelect
    Step 4Receive ITA (invitation to apply) for the visa
    Step 5Lodge Visa application (within 60 days of ITA)
    Step 6Receive 191 Visa Grant
    • Indefinite stay in Australia.
    • Work and study in Australia.
    • Sponsor a relative who is eligible for permanent residency.
    • Hold a subclass 491 or 494 regional temporary visas when applying for a subclass 191 visa and hold that visa for at least 3 years.
    • You must have a minimum income for at least 3 years as a local temporary visa holder.

    Duration of a visa

    You can stay indefinite in Australia, after the visa is granted.

    You can enter or exit the country for as many times you want for 5 years