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Why Post-Landing Services in Australia is Vital

Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. Immigration is just 30% of the entire transition process. Even when the hard yard of Migration is done, settling down in a new country is a hectic task itself. At FBP International, We take care of your whole process through our comprehensive settlement and post-landing […]
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Gain Clarity over Terms- Registered Australian Migration Agent, Australian Immigration Lawyer & Unregistered Visa Agent

Are you contemplating about migrating to Australia or looking for visa application services and easy Australian immigration process? Well, the various terms used for service providers for Australian immigration –Australian immigration agent, Australian immigration lawyer or Australian visa agents can be confusing for you.As a registered immigration consultancy having affiliations with the Australian government authorities […]
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How can you plan the next 10 years of your career?

Career planning is not something that you do once and then forget. Considering that research has found that the average worker will change careers – not jobs but careers – five to seven times in their lifetime, career planning is an activity you should do at least once a year.Succeeding in a constantly changing workplace […]
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Why you should migrate to Australia?

The question is – why you shouldn’t be. Migrating to Australia is the pinnacle dream of many. Australia is rightfully one of the most desirable places in the planet. With breath-taking landscapes and high standard of living – who can resist to migrate to a peaceful ecosystem! Life in Australia has the perfect blend of […]
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Immigration to Australia

Why Immigration to Australia Continue to Witness a Rising Trend?

What makes a country appealing for foreigners to migrate?  Isn’t it the following reasons? Strong and resilient economy Safe environment Good career opportunities Conducive lifestyle Sound public welfare provisions including education & healthcare Suitable weather conditions. Well, when we closely analyze the above requirements, there are only a few countries that perfectly fit the bill. […]
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